1.  Images (including photos and videos) produced by & Scott R Hamilton are the property by law of Scott R Hamilton of We do not transfer rights to those images to third parties including REALTORS.

2.  Images are not owned by the REALTOR, agent, broker, MLS, parent company or any other entity.

3.  Images are licensed to the original realtor(s) for the duration of the listing (single property address) (in case of property for sale) or for 1 year in the case of property for lease.  Additional licensing may be purchased, please let us know what you need.

4.  Images may be re-purposed or re-licensed by during and/or after the listing period for reasons including but not limited to, promotion of, promotion of the agent’s business, builder/stager/designer portfolio, licensing to another agent after a listing has expired or sold, or any other legitimate reason.

5.  Images may not be transferred by the REALTOR or agent to any party (including brokers, builders, architects, stagers) except as needed for the promotion of the property for sale.  Examples of the legitimate use of images would be posting on the realtor’s or company’s own website, posting to social media for the duration of the listing, publication in advertising for property for sale in periodicals such as newspapers or magazines.

6.  Final edited mage files may be given to the sellers of the property for non-commercial use.

7. The purchase of any photo or video package constitutes agreement by REALTOR, agent and property owner to all of these terms as listed.